5 Ways To "Turn Off" A Potential Homebuyer

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Jan 4, 2015 5:02:37 PM

5 Ways To "Turn Off" A Potential Homebuyer


You want to sell your home, but your presentation may be driving potential buyers away. The appearance of your home is important. It isn't enough to have a solid foundation, a new furnace, and a good roof to interest people in your home. If your home doesn't look good, inside and out, it will be difficult to sell for the price you are asking.

A Dirty House

It is amazing how many people do not "super" clean their home before it is shown to a prospective buyer. If the carpets cannot be cleaned, they need to be replaced. If the house is heavy with pet smells, some buyers will turn around and leave. Tile and grout should be steam cleaned, and every inch of each bathroom must be scrubbed, painted, and shined. Windows and sills are another area owners often neglect. It's also important to know many real estate brokers don't want to show a dirty house and may choose not to give you a listing.

Old Wallpaper

Unless you are selling a historic home with period wallpaper, get rid of it. Sellers tend to look at wallpaper as another chore for the homebuyer to do, but the buyer sees it as a large negative. People who like wallpaper choose designs to match their tastes and interests, and not those of a future homebuyer. Strip off the old paper, and paint the walls a neutral color.  


Outdated Fixtures

There is a difference between old and antique. Old is not attractive and turns buyer's attentions elsewhere. Outdated light fixtures, cabinet handles, ceiling fans, and appliances should be replaced. If your plan is for the buyer's to replace all the fixtures, you are not going to get the best price for your home.



Homebuyers want to see your home, not your collection of 250 sets of salt and pepper shakers or your coffee mugs from every state capital. Pack up your collections if you intend to move them to your next home, or put them in a yard sale. If you like displaying framed photos around your home, reduce the number drastically and pack them up. Buyers want to see space, not the homeowner's personal clutter.  


Leave When Your House Is Being Shown

Don't be anywhere on the premises when the real estate agent arrives with the prospective buyer. Owners who hang around and try to insert information into the conversation between the agent and buyer, can kill a sale in minutes. Your real estate agent is a trained and licensed professional and knows how to present your home in the best light. You are paying for his or her expertise, and it's important not to undermine it by intruding.  

Follow these few simple guidelines and increase your chances of a quick sale.


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