Windekind Farm Intentional Communtiy Cohousing

Why Windekind Farm?

Influenced by cohousing principles we are building a transitional and evolutionary model in which a farm, its land and buildings are transitioning from private ownership to a community model of ownership where new members purchase a residential parcel and a one-eighth share of the rest of the farm at fair market value.

Consider Windekind Farm:

  • Solid economic model, designed to build equity and exceed traditional long term investment performance.
  • Cost savings because of commonly owned infrastructure:  water supply, septic, electric, bio mass and solar.  
  • An incubator model for small business ownership and development with ample opportunity for employment in the greater Burlington economy.
  • Neighbors commit to being part of a community for everyone’s mutual benefit.
  • Community based design and management empowers residents, builds community, fosters efficient and productive outcomes and saves money.
  • Residents balance privacy and community by choosing their own level of engagement.


Design on the lot of your choice or consider one of these beautiful  homes Campanula or Breidablick .


An Exemplary Housing and Land Use Model for Others to Emulate

"Clearly, what I’m seeing is an expression of joy, beauty, generosity and trust. This is the work of heart. In seeking out leading edge practices for building, land stewardship and governance, and in learning through doing, you’re activating inquisitive minds. And with Windekind’s culture of craftsmanship, stewardship and the arts, you’re engaging the hands. All together—heart, head and hands—passion and purpose are put to the good work of caring for the land, creating community and demonstrating the kind of living needed in an increasingly interconnected world."

 (Ross Chapin, Architect, Langley, Washington,)

Here are complete Windekind Farm Details